Dawn Ennis (she/her/hers) is an award-winning journalist, the sports editor for the Los Angeles Blade, an on-air correspondent for: “Connecticut Voice Out Loud” on WTNH-TV and a regular contributor to CT Voice Magazine, The Daily Beast, Out.com, SeniorExecutive.com and StarTrek.com, among other publications.

For four years, she was a columnist and regular contributor to Forbes.com.
She is also a TV news consultant and hosts the “RiseUP With Dawn Ennis” talk show.

In 2013, Ennis was the first transgender journalist to come out in network TV news. She subsequently served as the first out trans editor at The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation and Outsports.com, which she led as managing editor and podcast team manager for 2 1⁄2 years.

Before coming out, Ennis worked in the newsrooms of ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, as well at Politico and TV stations across the country as a writer, producer and news manager. Her blogs about her transition and life experiences are at lifeafterdawn.com, HuffPost and Medium.

Ennis teaches journalism, feature writing, sports reporting, advertising, public relations, podcasting and media literacy at the University of Hartford, while simultaneously managing the university’s state-of-the-art podcast studio and pursuing her Master’s degree in Communications.

She also serves as co-chair of the West Hartford Human Rights Commission, on the board of directors at the Triangle Community Center and West Hartford Pride and is a volunteer member of several committees at her synagogue.

For a dozen years, she worked as a successful child model and actor in New York City.

Ennis is a single mom residing in West Hartford, Conn., with her three children, their dog Dahlia and their cat Faith.

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Dawn Ennis

Award-winning journalist, Sports Editor at the Los Angeles Blade, university professor, TV news producer, reporter, host, writer, blogger and podcaster. LGBTQ+ and human rights advocate. Most important job: Mom She/Her/Hers