Sitemap - 2023 - RiseUP With Dawn Ennis

Today, I Rise Up

Follow the Money: Elon Musk's X and Owes

These Proud Boys Are Now Prison Boys

The Super Blue Moon Like You've Never Seen It

Sad: Watch Mitch McConnell Freeze and Reboot

Hurricane Idalia; The D.A. Targeting Pride; Picketing Paramount on Star Trek Day

Florida Is Bracing for A Powerful Hurricane

HERE IT IS: The Trump Mugshot

Surrender, Donald!

He Made Putin Look Weak. Now He's Dead.

A Report From the Front Lines of the War

So Much For, 'It Never Rains In Southern California'

Transgender Women Banned from... Chess?!?

Madonna's Bedtime Stories

Look Who's Smiling Now

Why I Kept Wilson Cruz’s Big Secret

'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Finale Review! No Fridge for Capt. Batel, and A Wee Surprise

Ohio Voters to GOP: F*ck Around and Find Out!

Democracy Is On the Ballot in Ohio Today

Without A Defense, Trump Is Fighting the Judge

There's No Star Trek Like This Star Trek

Oh, The Places I’ve Gone!

Pride in A Strange New World

War of the Drones

A Bedtime Story: Calling Out the Liars

Duhsantis and His Series of Unfortunate Events

L.A. Confidential

'Love Won:' Inside the Donna Deegan Victory

DeSantis to Transgender Floridians: : F--k You

Nebraska GOP's Plan to Enact Abortion Ban: Make It A Combo

Heads Up, Trans Haters! The Deadline is Today!

Anti-Trans Stance Gets Bari Weiss Canceled

Trump on CNN: Bigger, Meaner, Whinier Liar

Is CNN Ready for Donald Trump? Are YOU?

A 12-year-old Wrote A Book You Should Read

One Misstep for Dawn. One Giant Leap for Womankind

What the World Needs Now is Trans Joy

As Florida Bans Trans, Connecticut is Hellbent on Exonerating Witches

Rudy admits to cheating. Also: Water Is Wet

Looking Back at 10 Years of My Life After Dawn

Queer Floridians March for Their Right to Exist

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

A Conversation with Star Trek's Terry Matalas


'So much of my life suddenly made sense'

24 Hours in the Life of A Trekkie

Backlash Against Bud Light Isn't About Dylan Mulvaney: It's the Angry Mob vs. Frankenstein

SPOILERS: Inside the Star Trek Picard Finale

Republicans Have Lost Gen Z Voters

Florida Republican apologizes for calling transgender people 'mutants, demons and imps'

Who Is 'Anonymous'? Are They A Threat to GOP?

Abortion Battlelines: Back to the Supreme Court

EXCLUSIVE: One on One with Star Trek Picard's T'Veen, Stephanie Czajkowski

Good Pesach, Happy Holy Week, Ramadan Kareem, Happy First Contact Day!

'You're Under Arrest, Mister President'

The Transgender Community's New Enemy No. 1

Lesley Stahl Didn't Do Her Job on 60 Minutes

“We were already fearing for our lives. Now, it’s even worse.”

Twitter 'restricts' Marjorie Taylor Greene

Don't Open This. Don't Read This.

Israel explodes in anti-government protests

Tonight's Eerie, Scary, Creepy Bedtime Stories

TikTok, Picard and the 'Absolute Hellhole'

Wanna chat?

Supreme Decision: Oklahoma's constitution guarantees right to abortion

Are there even handcuffs for such small hands?

Twitter may lock your account as soon as today

Donald Trump's Bedtime Stories

My birthday is in 9 days and YOU GET THE GIFT!

One Man Will Decide the Fate of These Pills, and of Millions of Women and Trans Men

Biden, Banks and Borg

Vermont Bans Christian School for Anti-Trans Stance

What? Worried about your bank? Nah. It's cool.

Everything Trans, Everywhere, All At Once

'The Honorable Marjorie Taylor Greene:' House Speaker, For A Day

Tucker on Trump: 'I hate him passionately.' Ingraham: 'We have more power than we know...'

1,000+ Iowans stood up to hate. Yes, in Iowa

Teacher who police say strangled students resigns

'Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely'

Bad Guys, Bad Decisions, Bad Baby

Mandalorian & Picard: Bad Decisions, Bad Baby

Judge rules trans woman athlete must be allowed to compete with other women

End of an Era

Murdoch admits Fox News liar choir 'endorsed' election fraud lie

Next Disaster: Toxic Waste from Ohio Derailment

Elon Musk's Sunday Night Bedtime Stories

Meet Actor Ed Speleers of Star Trek Picard

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones! And Paul McCartney! And Ringo Starr!

Super Joe Biden vs. Marjorie Taylor Grinch

BOOM! Your Bedtime Stories for Feb. 19 and 20

Is this what finally gets Trump indicted?

LGBTQ+ journalists and celebs condemn New York Times for anti-trans bias

COVID-19 is not over. I tested positive today

2023: The Year of USA vs. UFOs?

'Star Trek: Picard' Season 3 Is 'The Next Generation' Sequel We've Yearned For

Who Wore It Better?

Boo to the Chief

Watch Joe Biden, Just to See What MTG Does

'Long Covid Is Real'

Balloon Bedtime Story

Hunter Biden Targets GOP, Fox and Feds

Trump vows to target trans kids if re-elected

Are You Over Covid? National Emergency to End

Will There Ever Be True Justice for Tyre Nichols?

Bedtime Stories for January 29

Good Morning Showdown: ABC vs. Amy and T.J.

Pope: Being Gay Isn’t A Crime

Classified Documents Discovered in Mike Pence's Home: Whoops!

JK Rowling's transphobic tweet earns a 'like' from Mark Hamill

I've got your citation right here, J.K. Rowling

Bedtime stories

Will GOP Forgive George 'Kitara' Santos, Former Drag Queen?

One on One with Yale Swimmer Iszac Henig

My Advice to Joe Biden: Blame The Interns

MLK: 'Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet...'

A Heart That's True: RIP Lisa Marie Presley

Documents, Documents and Damage Control

FAA: Ok to fly now

An Eggsplanation For Rising Egg Prices



Classified Files: So, Joe Biden Kept Some, Too?

After being shot by first grader, teacher tells students: 'Run!'

Insurrection II: No Speaker, No Cry

Haters honk at Pete during Connecticut visit

Poor Stella!

Prayers for Damar Hamlin

This Is Not Monday. It's Nonday

Before we begin, let's look back!